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The detox level of care is needed when a person is physically addicted to the substance. Alcohol, Opioids, Benzodiazepines, are very dangerous to stop with out a doctor’s care. Based on the acuity of the scenario, a doctor will be able to determine if an inpatient or out patient setting is indicated.

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The residential level of care is 24hours and always supervised. Sometimes depending on the severity, this level of care will be inpatient with nurses on staff.

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The partial hospitalization level of care has a person attending treatment six hours or more (a full day) or six hours or less (a half day). Engagement at home or with supervised living can begin.

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The intensive outpatient program is where a person attends groups about 3 hours a day and at least 3 times per week while acclimating back into their life of school, work, and family.

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Las Vegas Drug Rehabs is a company dedicated to offering solutions for those suffering from addition. We are a small company based in Las Vegas. We have good hearts and have seen remarkable things happen when a person gets clean.

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