November 8, 2016

About Us

Las Vegas Drug Rehabs is a company dedicated to offering solutions for those suffering from addition. We are a small company based in Las Vegas. We have good hearts and have seen remarkable things happen when a person gets clean. Although we do not offer treatment services, we wanted to have a simple site where people can call if they need help. We have partnered with a call center that is also in Las Vegas so that if someone needs help they can speak with a live person ASAP. We are always open to feedback and hope that if you are needing help – you can find it from visiting our site.


Why use

Our goal when you use with Las Vegas Drug Rehabs, is you are getting all of the help you need without having to search further on the internet. Our personal touch makes such a hard decision easy. Our partners are always available for questions even in the middle-of-the-night internet.

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Las Vegas Drug Rehabs

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